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Question about restoring catalog in LR4

Discussion in 'Lightroom 1-6 for Windows & Mac (perpetual)' started by sonesta_b, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. sonesta_b

    sonesta_b New Member

    Apr 30, 2013
    Lightroom Experience:
    Lightroom Version:
    I clicked on the LR4 icon to open it and got this message box:

    "The catalog named 'Lightroom 4 Catalog' was left in an inconsistent state. Lightroom must restore the catalog before proceeding. This may take several minutes."

    Then it takes about 15 minutes or longer to try to restore the catalog.

    The last time I closed LR it did its weekly backup. Now, this is happening when I try to open it.

    After it tries to restore, the dialog box just disappears and nothing else happens.

    How do I restore a catalog when LR won't even open up?

    Thx for the help.

  2. Denis de Gannes

    Denis de Gannes Active Member

    Oct 18, 2007
    Trinidad and Tobago
    Lightroom Experience:
    Primary OS:
    Mac 10.11.x El Capitan
    Lightroom Version:
    6.6 / CC 2015.6
    Lightroom License:
    CC Subscription
    By default Lightroom stores your Catalogs in the following location C://users/"your user name"/my pictures/ lightroom.
    Could you find and open the Lightroom sub folder to display the contents on your screen. Do a screen capture of the folder and post on the forum.
    This may give info that can assist others in giving advice to correct the situation.

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