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Contour Design ShuttlePRO question

  1. Hi,

    Does anybody have a Contour Design ShuttlePRO V2? If so could you advise how the ring/jogs work? Are they a mechanical type or are they smooth to rotate? I was wondering how much noise they made in operation, do they make a clicking sound when rotated?

    Many thanks
  2. I'll have a check at mine tonight, but I don't think it clicks or makes any loud noise.

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  3. Many thanks that would be appreciated.

    Looking at the jog dial it looks more like a scroll wheel on a mouse type of design rather than the ring on a Wacom type of design. My mouse scroll wheel makes a lot of clicking sounds.

    I like the idea of having a jog dial on the left as having to keep moving the right hand and pen over to the buttons and ring on my Wacom means I take my eyes of the picture.

    I think I would go for the smaller Contour Design ShuttleXpress, I doubt I could remember what all the buttons were programmed to do on the Contour Design ShuttlePRO V2 ;)
  4. On the V2, the wheel has clicks, but they are barely perceptible. I have to listen intently to hear them. The jog ring that surrounds the wheel has no clicks at all.
  5. hal's answer is right.
  6. Thanks for the confirmation on lack of noise from the jog wheel. I have ordered the smaller Contour Design ShuttleXpress. Hopefully this has the same design of jog wheel as the bigger Pro version and will not have an annoying clicking sound when used.
  7. Hi

    My Contour Design ShuttleXpress has arrived today. A quick question to compare to the Contour Design ShuttlePRO V2 how does the inner wheel and outer ring work?

    On my ShuttleXpress the outer ring is spring loaded so if I let go it returns to the default position. Does the outer ring on the ShuttlePRO V2 work the same way? If so what feature do you assign to the outer ring? I am not sure what I can use the outer ring on my ShuttleXpress for as it will return to the start as soon as I let go.
  8. Yes. The outer ring has different positions that can have different keystrokes. I use +\- in small increments in the first zones increasing to ctr or alt to make bigger steps. That way small movements are for small adjustments, larger for larger. Have a look at earlier threads. Victoria also posted her lay out.

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  9. Thanks Victoria and Cerianthus for the feedback.

    I am having fun and games with my Shuttle. Not sure if it is: user error, Windows problem or Shuttle driver problem. Basically I have:

    zone 1 do something

    zone 2 do something

    Transition 2 to 1 do nothing

    If I move the ring to zone 2 and then release the action in zone 1 is executed when the spring loaded ring returns to zero.

    Causing me much grieve as I cannot find a way to stop this behaviour. Certainly I was not expecting it to work that way. I have had no response from Shuttle support today. Did you have the same problem and find a solution?
  10. The exact settings I've used are on that linked page - and I used the Transitions to do something.
  11. Thanks Victoria, I tried transitions and that worked with some commands. Unfortunately it does not work when you use the frequency option.

    I am pretty sure this is bug in the driver, if Contour support do not come up with an answer soon I think I will send mine back for a refund. They are being helpful so I have hope that there is a resolution somewhere.
  12. What settings are you trying to use with it then?
  13. Just investigating buying one of these, but note that their web page hasn't been updated since April 16. Can anyone please confirm if they are compatible with latest Mac Sierra OS please? Think it'd work well for me since I already have Wacom Intuos, albeit an ancient one!
  14. Managed to get reply from the manufacturers who said it's compatible with Sierra. Still interested to hear from active users whether or not this is actually the case!!

    He asked which page was out of date, I sent link & screen shot, but it hasn't been changed.
  15. Yes, it's fine on Sierra. (For anyone in the UK, hold that thought for a couple of weeks, as they're doing a special discounted code that'll go on my blog around the 21st)
  16. Thanks so much for feedback and better still the tip. I can easily hang on until 21st or whenever it is - I might even have had my query to Wacom tech support (sent 3 days ago) answered by then! Wacom Intuos 3 isn't great on Sierra.
  17. My big one's an Intuos 3 and I'm running Sierra. What problems are you having with it?
  18. Thanks for your interest and offer of help Victoria. There are a few minor, niggling problems:
    1. When I wake computer (iMac) from sleep it takes some while for the tablet to be active, haven't put stop watch on it, but it's over a minute. So use track pad during this time.
    2. Sometimes the tablet doesn't see the wacom mouse, so have to get pen touch it on tablet before mouse is reactivated.
    3. When I update wacom driver to latest version, then the tablet isn't seen when I try to set it up from system preferences. So I'm using driver version 6.3.15-3 (apparently!)
    Reason I have all these options is because I once got RSI when only using a mouse, it came on within couple of days and took ages to heal. I'm left handed, use the pen with left but mouse and trackpad with right. Don't know why, but this is easiest for me!
  19. I assume you've tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling the driver? I do see some delay in the driver loading from time to time, but usually on startup rather than waking from sleep.
  20. Sorry for delay, been out in the foggy forest for dawn/morning shoot, not having a lie-in! Yes, I've done the complete uninstall/reinstall routine but still getting these problems. I can live with them, but had hoped some response would have been forthcoming from Wacom by now. Am off to SWPP trade show on Friday, so will see if they've got a stand there and I can ping them.
  21. Finally got a response from Wacom yesterday. No great shakes & only posting as info. They sent me an old pdf showing how to remove driver & all components in different Mac OS folders. They did not address any of the specifics in my support case. Given that there's a similar thread on this forum for Windows users, I'm taking the view that Wacom have their head in the sand, or somewhere less pleasant from where there is no emission of solar energy, despite them thinking to the contrary!
    Saw a good price reduction on Behringer MIDI controller with motorised faders on eBay at about £270 instead of >£390 when I first looked. Definitely need to be sure that it's what's needed before shopping. Might see what the deal is on the Shuttle & then take stock.
  22. It's live!
    Here's the link: ShuttlePRO v2 - Contour Design | United Kingdom
  23. Thanks Victoria - bought and look forward to getting it installed, working and shaving hours off my working day....!
  24. I'd spotted that you'd published your preferences as part of my homework when deciding which device to buy. Though happy to admit I'm not sad enough an anorak to have examined them & could choose differences as my Mastermind chosen subject! Intended starting with yours and deviating if necessary. Don't believe in reinventing the wheel and prefer to let others' expertise guide me. Apparently it's been sent, but no details on when it'll arrive.
    Topic du jour has been LR softproofing with you & Schewe....
  25. Oh you poor thing, that's not a riveting day! ;)
  26. There were plenty of digressions! Progress made, but not all hurdles overcome. Am about to do some searching on here for soft proofing with dual monitor setup. I'm ok with soft-proofing in PS, but since I'm using LR more, makes sense to be able to keep everything in same software.
    Back on topic for this thread once the hardware arrives.