View Full Version : Open into ACR from Lightroom?

9 May 2009, 5:42 pm

I guess this just shows that I've been using Photoshop too long, but I prefer to do my development in ACR rather than Lightroom, and then proceed to do my final adjustments to the image in Photoshop.

From Bridge you can open RAW files directly into ACR -- is there a trick I'm missing that would allow me to do that from Lightroom?

-- Roger

Gene McCullagh
10 May 2009, 10:08 am
Hi Roger! Welcome to the forums! When you get a chance please fill in your signature using the USER CP link above.

The Develop module in LR is Camera Raw! Take a closer look and everything is there. There's no need to open in Camera Raw because you are already there.

Now if you are really really insistent on getting to ACR then open a RAW file as a smart object. When you get to PS double-click on the SO icon and you'll be in ACR.

But I will have to do an intervention here to try and stop you from doing that! LOL LR Develop is ACR. Same tools, same results, no need to leave LR.

Roger....Just say NO! ;-)

10 May 2009, 12:36 pm
I appreciate the attempt at an intervention. ;^)

Since the LR Develop module has everything ACR does, where's the lens correction (barrel / pincushion distortion) adjustment panel? I've looked and looked, but just don't see it. Whereas I know exactly where this is in ACR . . .

-- Roger

Gene McCullagh
10 May 2009, 2:04 pm
Hey Roger!

All the tools are there but some are organized differently. I can't find a barrel/pincushion adjustment panel in ACR. It doesn't have one. Never has. I suspect you've got a plugin of some sort. PTLens is an available plugin for LR to correct for barrel/pincushion distortion.

Here are some side by side shots showing the ACR tools and the LR tools: