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17 Oct 2010, 12:19 pm
Good morning. I am processing a large wedding with seven folders, in all. The first three folders went swimmingly - I am enjoying LR 3.2, so far - however, I have selected a folder for Import but even though I can see the thumbnails - 3'6, in all - everything is greyed out and I am unable to Import.

Why is everything greyed out?

Why can't I import this folder?

Nothing has been moved, and my original folder is intact.

I checked the remaining folders and they appear in LR just fine.

What's happening, here?

Thank you

UPDATE: when I scroll over the thumbnail there's a message that says, "this photo has already been added to the catalog." HOW do I get to them? All I see is my previous import.
How do I even get out of this grayed-out window and back to LR?

Mark Sirota
17 Oct 2010, 12:36 pm
It may be that LR thinks they're already in the catalog. Are they unchecked in the Import grid? If you check them, do they light up?

17 Oct 2010, 12:46 pm
It may be that LR thinks they're already in the catalog. Are they unchecked in the Import grid? If you check them, do they light up?

Yes, unchecked. And a scroll-over msg tells me they are already in the catalog.
I ended up closing out of LR, re-opening, and have found the folder in the Catalog.
The new Import method is a little confusing.
Thank you.
I have no idea what happened.

21 Oct 2010, 1:14 am
THis is my first time using this forum so hopefully I am asking this question in the appropriate spot.
I recently downloaded Picasa 3.8 as a favor to a friend who wanted to view and share her photos. This has turned out to be a complete nightmare. I use lightroom for all my viewing, editing and organizing of images, well now all my images have turned up "missing and offline" in lightroom. Picasa has taken over and I don't know what to do. Any ideas would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! I am using a mac.

Jim Wilde
21 Oct 2010, 5:49 am
Hello Kendra, welcome to the forum!

Almost without exception, "missing or offline" pictures reported by Lightroom are caused by the fact that Lightroom can no longer find the pictures in the location that they were when they were cataloged.....possible causes are

1. The pictures being moved, renamed or deleted outside of Lightroom, i.e. by using the OS or other non-Lightroom tools.
2. The drive containing the pictures is not available to Lightroom, e.g. an external drive which is not plugged in.

You seem to be associating this change to the installation of Picasa3, though to be honest I can't see why that would affect the files in your Lightroom catalog unless you have used the Picasa tools to manipulate your files (by moving, renaming or deleting). I have had Picasa installed on my systems for many years, and never experienced any such problem....though I only ever let it look at my exported derivatives, not master pictures, and I have never used Picasa to do any physical file/folder manipulation (again being honest I didn't realise you could until I went to check following your post :-[).

So, can you shed any light on what changes you may have intentionally or inadvertently made to the physical organisation of your Lightroom pictures? This would give us a better chance of helping you out of the situation you seem to be in.

However, if you are really not sure what you may have done, open Lightroom and go to the Library view, select any one of the "missing" pictures and look at the Metadata section (RH Panel). With the "EXIF and IPTC" metadata view you should see the file name of the picture and below that the folder name. If you hover over the folder name a pop-up will show you the full OS path to the file concerned....then using Finder go check that location to see if the folder/file is there. I assume not, but looking in the right location MAY give you a clue as to what has gone wrong.

Let us know what you find out...